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Life is a collection of experiences and memories built from relationships, connections and love. In the process of living, we often get ripped off and disconnected with the people that make our lives worth a living. Sometimes distance keeps us apart, at times it is a loss of contact details. No matter the reason, every now and then there is that one person we remember and wish to get in touch with. As sophisticated as the world is, it’s often hard to know how to use the very technology presented to us to find the people we miss or lost touch with.

That’s why we created Findwhoo.com

Findwhoo has loads of information on people search and how best to do it – especially using digital platforms of the day. We share the best and latest tricks, tools and methods. We also show case examples of how others have used this technology to connect and find people they had lost touch with.

It’s the people search hacker site for everyday people. Thank you for stopping by, we hope you find it useful and please don’t forget to give us feedback, we’d love to hear from you.