Can You Locate Person by Social Security Number for Free

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Can You Locate Person by Social Security Number for Free

Phone numbers, names, addresses, emails, and usernames are some of the options you have for finding people’s information online. What about Social Security Numbers? Can you locate person by Social Security Number for free? This article will discuss that.

According to the Social Security Act’s requirements and the Social Security Administration’s regulations, all U.S. citizens, legal permanent residents, and temporary residents who work in the country are given a nine-digit number. The Social Security Administration first made use of the number to locate individuals. You can learn how to locate someone using their Social Security number with the help of this article.

Presently, this number serves as the primary identification, particularly for tax and other purposes.

A Social Security Number contains a wealth of information, particularly about the county in which it was issued. The first three digits of a Social Security number can be used to determine the area or office where the applicant filed their application.

Duplication of a Social Security number is not a frequent thing. Typically, each person has a unique number that distinguishes them from one another.

The Social Security Number is used in the United States to index credit records as well as those of patients, employees, and students. Some individuals don’t have a Social Security number. They have found that this makes it difficult for them to manage their financial needs, such as opening a bank account or applying for a loan.

Social Security Number Lookup

It is extremely challenging to find a person using a Social Security Number because there are no public databases that allow for Social Security Number searches. On top of that, since a security number is private, it is impossible to look someone up with one. You might get in trouble with the law because of this. You must have a solid justification before you look up someone’s social security number.


Employers and landlords are among those who have permission to look up Social Security numbers. The people they are looking up must also give them permission before they can verify a Social Security number. This demonstrates just how crucial a Social Security Number is.

Social Security Administration

The Social Security Act led to the creation of the Social Security Administration in 1935. This independent organization’s role is to supervise the management of the Social Security Number and a retirement, disability, and survivor benefits insurance program.


Only those who pay their Social Security taxes with their earnings seem to be eligible for these services.

Employers, associations, and third-party submitters to the Social Security Administration can verify Social Security Numbers. They can only use this for work-related reasons.

The Social Security Administration offers several methods for you to use in order to find someone’s Social Security Number online. Here are some applicable examples.

Verification of the Employer’s Phone Number

Employers or third parties can verify up to 10 potential employees at once using the Telephone Number Employer Verification (TNEV), an automated telephone service, without the assistance of a human agent. Employers and outside submitters are the best candidates for this service.

After they have established a relationship with an employee, employers can use this service for wage reporting needs. You need a working Business Service Online (BSO) user ID and password in order to verify a Social Security Number for an employer. To use the Telephone Number Employer Verification Service, you must also obtain the employer’s consent.

You can visit Social Security/ Employer to obtain the User ID and Password.

Verification of Social Security Number Service

Users can use this online service to check the names and Social Security numbers of employees to confirm their legitimacy.

The Telephone Number Employer Verification Service and the Social Security Number Verification Service both function in the exact same way. This service stands out because it can be accessed online.

You must register on their Business Services Online Welcome Page in order to use this service. Third parties have the option to register their business once.

Further Search Options

Try SSN – Verify for additional ways to discover someone’s Social Security number. You can use the site’s SSN search, bulk SSN search, and SSN generator tool. SSN-Check is an additional choice. You can check SSNs on this website, look them up, decode them, and browse their SSN index.

To answer the question, can you locate person by Social Security Number for free? You can try out some of these methods to discover someone’s Social Security number. Try as many as you can because you never know which will be effective in your situation.

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