How to Do a Perfect Family Reunion

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How to Do a Perfect Family Reunion

A family get together can be a horrid task whether you are doing it for the first time or a hundredth time. If you have done it before, you will agree with me that the event is no walk in the park. You might also be looking out for new ideas to spice up the event as old activities tend to get boring. Having it run smooth is the most important objective of all. You might be aware of some of the ideas and tips offered on the next few paragraphs and if not they will ensure that your reunion is a satisfying experience.


It is always a good idea to make a guest list as your first step towards organizing a family get together. You must be familiar as to what extend you are willing to go as people you consider part of the family. You might be looking to invite close family members and keep it small, which has its limit. You might also be looking to invite extended family members and make it a big event, which too has a limit.

To minimize the job load, it is advisable to form a small committee to assist you. These are people who can help you decide on certain important issues on the family and help run errands. You can decide on the date and location with them too. The date needs to be one conducive to all family members involve in the reunion. The same applies to the location; it must be accessible to everybody involved. Some families have the main home where they do reunions, but it won’t hurt to change sometimes just for the fun of it.

A rough estimate of the costs of the whole event need to be deduced to certain the viability of the function. These are items like food, accommodation and decorations. That way you will know how much contributions family members can contribute or where you can source out the money.

The Event

Activities during the family reunion can vary. There are sites online which can give you tips on the events that can spice up the occasion, but here are a few ideas that can make the event worthwhile. You can exchange photos with other family members or take photos together. These will be memories in the future and will be shown to coming generations. Designing a family tree together to display on the walls will also be fun. Since this will be an event bringing together the family, you can share recipes too to spice up the gathering.

It would also be a good idea to get the whole family together for some story telling moment where the family history is shared. The family can also share stories that are presently happening amongst themselves too. Taking a tour to the place of origin of the family together as a family might also be fun. Display family treasured items like jewelry, medals and other old items is a great idea.

All this will be worthwhile if it can be documented in the form of videos and photos. This can be taken back by the family members after the event. Interviews of the family members can add flavor to this.

That’s some of the ideas to help come up with a memorable family reunion. Your family get together should be a time of stress but a moment to look forward to.

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