How to Find Someone in Another Country

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How to Find Someone in Another Country

You might be looking to reconnect with a friend, relative, or loved one who is living in another country. It is even a sensitive case if there was a disaster or a crisis that resulted in this estrangement. This makes communicating impossible, leaving you with a troubled mind. There are ways you can try to establish communication with them and find out how they are doing. This article will look at how to find someone in another country.

The above-mentioned examples of reasons one might look for ways to find someone in another country are not the only ones out there. The bottom line is finding ways that will help you establish communication with them no matter the reason. That’s exactly what this article aims to achieve.

Searching for someone in another country will come with its own challenges. There are many laws that you might not be aware of that might hinder or prove a deterrent to your search.

In order to get the best out of your search, you will need to first gather all information on the person that you can find. These are details like full name, relatives, friends, companions that the person lives with in the country, company name and contact details (if they are working), most recent address, email address, Social Security Number, date of birth, and so on.

With these details, you will be able to broaden your search scope, improving your chances to locate the person you are looking to find.

Social Media

More than half of the world’s population uses social media for both personal and professional purposes. Facebook is the world’s leading social media platform. The number of Facebook users in the world is about 3 billion. More than 67 % of the world’s population uses Facebook on a monthly basis.


Chances are high that the person you are looking to find might be a Facebook user. In order to find out, you will need to conduct a search. Searches on Facebook are possible with a name, username or nickname, and an email address. Try a search with the person’s name or username/ nickname first. Name or username/ nickname searches are not accurate as they might return a lot of results to go through.

Users also use their email address to sign in on social media sites making it possible to search with it. If you have the individual’s email address with you, you can try searching with it too.

To search:

  • Log into
  • Navigate to its search bar which has a magnifying glass
  • Enter your search term on the search bar (name, username/ nickname, email address) and search
  • Facebook will then return all details related to your search query
  • Go through them and try to find the result you want and click on it
  • This will lead you to the individual’s profile where you will find more details about them
  • You can send them a friend request from here too

Other prominent social media sites that you can try a search like this on are Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn. Searches on these sites are totally free.

A search from social media sites brings back results such as location, photos, occupation, date of birth, friends, relatives, posts, and a whole lot more.

White Pages

White pages have all telephone numbers listed in a particular country with the name of the owners and their addresses. Try to find an international white pages site to search from. If the individual you are looking to locate has a listed phone number anywhere in the world, it will show up in such a search.

The basic results from a name search from white pages are a phone number and address. If your lookup returns a positive result, you can try calling the person or try sending them a mail. Let them know who you are and tell them you are trying to get in touch with them. If you know the country they are in, then you can access whitepages from that country and search from there. You can search through these whitepages; Australia, Canada & UK.

Public Records

You can also get in touch with the individuals’ past employers or schools to find out if they can help you with any information to get in touch with the person. Another idea might be to try to find out if there is no trade or professional organization that the individual is affiliated with. They might have information or ways they get in touch with the person such as addresses or other companies that are in touch with the person.


The capabilities of Google to find information on almost any topic cannot be ignored. By entering the name of the person you want to look up on Google’s search bar and starting a search, you might be on your way to a positive outcome. A lookup from Google is free.

These are some of the options you can try out on how to find someone in another country. Try them out and see which one will work for your situation.

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