How to Find Someone in Germany

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How to Find Someone in Germany

You can conduct this kind of global people search with the aid of a lot of websites. You can conduct free people searches across the nation for names, phone numbers, addresses, emails, and businesses. This article will discuss where to conduct different types of searches, which is basically, how to find someone in Germany. Additionally, it will cover how to conduct these searches in each and every one of the locations mentioned.

People conduct searches on others for a number of reasons. You might be looking to find someone who is a distant relative. You might have recently learned that you are related, maybe through a genealogical research.

It might also happen that the person you want to find is an exchange student that you have lost contact with. Whatever the reason might be, the ideas given on this guide will work for you. Let’s take a look at them.

Simple Searches

Google is known for having information on a number of topics. You might start your search from there and its totally free. Try searching with a name and also including the city where the person might be in Germany for better results.


Social media sites are highly utilized all over the world in today society. Trying a search from the most common ones like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn might give you the results that you seek.

You can search with a name, phone number, email address and username on them. Just fill in any of these details on the search bar and search. Possible outcomes from a social media lookup are posts, email address, relatives, location, education background, occupation to name some. Searches on them are totally free.

White Pages of Germany Free Searches

Nowadays, the best option for finding people online is to use free white pages, and this is also true for German-language searches. The German telephone directory is available for searching. The name of the person you are looking for should be typed into the “wer/was” search box. You can enter the location you want to search from in the “wo” search box. After that, you can search by clicking “Finden.”

Even without including the location, you can search. A location can help you filter your search to be more specific, which is an advantage. From here, you can perform reverse searches, also known as “ruckwarts-suche.”

Germany Free Business Searches

It is possible to conduct free business searches in the German Yellow Pages. To search the German Yellow Pages, enter your search terms in the “suche nach” box and the location you want to search from in the “wo” box. The cities’ names must be spelled in German. You will benefit from the autocomplete in that field.

Using Peek You to Find People in Germany

Peek You can search for people in Germany for free with the assistance of Germany. To do this, enter the search field with the person’s name (first and last name) and hit “search.” You’ll receive all the information that is available about that person in the website’s database.

Additionally, there are links to other resources that can help you find someone, as well as to websites like Spokeo, Intelius, People Search Pro, and People Finders where you can conduct searches. Some of them may not always be completely free people-finding websites, but you can check them out and decide for yourself whether or not to use them.

Find Person in Germany Free Search

Find Person in Germany will find a result for you whether the person vanished a month ago or ten years ago, changed their name, or is no longer alive. Simply type the person’s first and last names in the search box on the website and click “Search.”


Social networks are a choice that cannot be ignored. They are used by a sizable portion of the German population. There, searching is completely free. You can use them to conduct free business searches, email searches, and reverse phone number lookups.

Search from Insta People Search

The most comprehensive database of German residents can be found on In Germany, Insta People Search is used by millions of people to locate old friends. Discover why millions of people in Germany rely on Insta People Search by conducting a people search right now.

With the help of Insta People Search, you can now look up anyone in Germany by name, email, or phone number. Simply enter the name, email address, or phone number into the form above, and they’ll do the rest. They obtain data on phone ownership from numerous sources all over the world, including Germany. Their data is always current and accurate because they keep it in sync.

These are some of the ways on how to find someone in Germany that you can try. You can search with a number of options on these suggested platforms too.

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