How to Find Someone’s Social Security Number

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How to Find Someone’s Social Security Number

Citizens of the United States, permanent residents and temporary residents employed in the United States are issued with a nine-digit number as per the requirements of the Social Security Act which is according to the rules of the Social Security Administration. The number was initially introduced by the Social Security Administration to track down people. This article will assist you on how to find someone’s Social Security Number.

This number has now become the main identification number that is used especially for taxes and other purposes.

You can learn a lot of information from a Social Security Number especially where it was issued. This can be through the first three digits of the Social Security Number which indicates the region or office where the owner made the application for it.

It is not a common occurrence to have a Social Security number getting duplicated. Normally, every individual has a number that is different from anyone else.

In the United States, Social Security Number is used to index students, patients, employees as well as credit records. There are people who do not have a Social Security Number. This has proven to give them challenges when it comes to conducting their financial needs like having a bank account or applying for a loan.

It is essential that you keep your Social Security Number guarded at all times as it is a very important number. This is to avoid cases of identity theft where people can steal it and commit credit crime in your name.

Social Security Number Searches

The fact that there are no public databases that offer Social Security Number searches makes it really hard to locate it. On top of that, you it is impossible to lookup someone with a Security Number as it is considered confidential. This might land you in trouble with the law. You will have to have a watertight reason for looking up someone Social Security Number.

Individuals who are permitted to lookup Social Security Numbers can be employers, landlords. They too need permission from the individuals they are looking up to do the Social Security Number verification process. This proves the extent of how a Social Security Number is important.

Social Security Administration


The Social Security Administration was established in 1935 as a result of the Social Security Act. This is an independent organization that is meant to oversee the administration of Social Security Number and an insurance program that involves survivor benefits, retirement and disability.

These are services that are only made available to individuals who pay their Social Security taxes using their earnings.

Social Security Numbers can be verified by employers, organizations and third party submitters from the Social Security Administration. They are able to do for wage related purposes only.

There are a number of ways you can find someone’s Social Security Number online which are available through the Social Security Administration. Here are examples that you can use.

Telephone Number Employer Verification

The Telephone Number Employer Verification (TNEV) is an automated telephone service that lets employers or third party submitters to conduct background checks or verify up to 10 potential employees at a go without the need for an agent. Employers and third party submitters are ideal for this service.

Employers can also take advantage of this service for wage reporting purposes after they have solidified their relationship with an employee. To verify a Social Security Number for an employer, you must have a valid Business Service Online (BSO) user ID and Password. Thy must also get approval from the employer to make use of the Telephone Number Employer Verification Service.

To obtain the User ID and Password, you can go to, where you will then have to select the ‘BSO’ link.

You will then be expected to provide details such as name, date of birth, email address, Social Security Number, type of employer/ employee, company name, company telephone number, and employer ID number. Once the request has been made, a one-time activation code will then be sent through the mail to the employer.

Social Security Number Verification Service

This is an online service that users can take advantage of to verify names as well as Social Security Numbers of employees to verify their authenticity.

The Social Security Number Verification Service operates the exact same way as the Telephone Number Employer Verification service. What makes this service different is that, it is available online.

For you to make use of this service, you will have to register with their Business Services Online Welcome Page. Third parties can do a one-time registration in their firm’s name.

More Social Security Number Search Options

For more options on how to find someone’s Social Security Number, you can try SSN – Verify. The site will allow you to do a SSN search, bulk SSN search and SSN genitor tool. Another option would be SSN – Check. This site will let you verify SSNs, lookup SSNs, decode SSNs and explore their SSN index.

These are some of the options you can try out on how to find someone’s Social Security Number. Try as many as possible as you may never know which one will work for your case.

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