How to use Whois search to find people for free

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How to use Whois search to find people for free

WHOIS is a type of protocol where responses can be obtained from a query. It is used in querying databases that have information on registered users. The purpose of the protocol is to store and deliver the content of the database in an easily readable format. It can provide information about the network, the hosts, etc. Records in the WHOIS have data about organizations and also have data about the contacts associated with the domains and networks. How to use WHOIS search to find people for free?

WHOIS Was standardized in the early 1980s to look for domains, people, and other resources related to domain and number registrations. There was a time when all registrations were done by a single organization so one centralized server was used for WHOIS queries, so it was easy to look for information.

The WHOIS server helps in the operation of WHOIS services. This can be accessed by anybody to send queries. The server will respond and then close the connection. This can be used by companies to get information about various departments and employees. WHOIS is frequently used by many to know about domain names. This appropriate Whois server has to be queried to find information on the domain.

A WHOIS search provides information about domain ownership, registration, expiration date, and the name servers assigned to the domain. The websites like and allow free Whois searches. Sometimes the WHOIS search does not provide proper information: if the domain name is not registered and also if a private WHOIS is provided by the registrar to protect a domain name details.

The WHOIS system was originally used by system administrators to obtain contact information for IP Address assignments or domain name administrators. The data which is available in the WHOIS helps to support the security and stability of the internet, determine the registration status of the domain registration status of domain names, to facilitate inquiries, assist law enforcement authorities in implementing national and international laws, and curtail the misuse of information.

The Whois people is a website that allows searching for anyone for free along with the phone number and address. Information about internet resources in the Asia-pacific region can be found in the APNIC WhoIS database. This is a publicly searchable database. The RWHOIS protocol was developed later and is similar to the WHOIS protocol.

There have been many complaints about WHOIS service as there is no domain privacy. The contact details, telephone number, and address can be found easily. Spammers can also use up information from WHOIS requests. WHOIS was not written with clients outside the US in mind. So this is not well received by clients outside of the USA.

Do note that you can only find information pertaining to people (their name, address, phone number, and more) if the person has an existing website or has registered a website, even if it is not being used. With more people registering personal websites, finding the person you are looking for is possible.

How to use WHOIS search to find people for free? You can start by going to the WHOIS site and entering a domain name or IP address on the search bar. If you don’t know the specific domain name, just put in the name and it will give you the domain name options and info available.

Results include the registrant’s (the one that registered the domain) information, including the contact information as well as the administrator’s information.

If you can’t find the info from the above, you can look at similar domains and use them and their different variations to search for people on WHOIS.

The above-mentioned are some of the ways and resources you can use if you want to know how to use WHOIS search to find people for free. You can also use other domains with the WHOIS search option to expand your search.

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