Just as he lost all hope to finding his father his last ditch attempt at his search yielded far more than he had ever hoped for

In a make shift shack filled with art supplies, a 60 year old war veteran and the Huston Police sparked a friendship that would change Rudolph Taylor’s life forever! On further interactions with this modern day picaso, the police started capturing their meetings and digitally memorializing them. A chance decision to share these online made them viral, great news for one soul whom had been searching for his roots.

Kevin never knew his father as the family separated before he was even born. His family moved to Collarado and share very little with him on who his father was. The two met briefly when Kevin was 3 years on and but it wasn’t until he was 8 years old that he first learned of his father’s name.

He used this meager piece of information to search for his father right from when he was a little boy, writing letters to anyone whom he found on the phone book in the Houston area who bore the same name as Rudolph Taylor. His effort seemed futile as he was not getting the response that he was hoping for from the recipients of the letters that he wrote.

It wasn’t until Kevin started an online search for his father when he stumbled on a video that was posted online of Rudolph. Astonishingly all his years of searching came to an end with a swift search online for the man he never knew. His call to the Houston police to reveal his identity gave rise to the very first real meeting that he and his father had.

Packed with emotions, both father and son held each other in an embrace that seemed to have erased the years of longing and pain. We have experience the power of the internet in our daily lives and how convenient it has made our lives, but to see how it phenomenally changed this family’s life has further instilled my faith in the awesome power that it has.

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