A quick snapshot of life before the internet

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A quick snapshot of life before the internet

The introduction of the internet had undoubtedly brought many changes in our lives, both good and bad. The changes vary from the way we communicate, research to the way we get news updates. The difference is there and it’s huge to be ignored. Things will never be the same and the way we approach situations.

The introduction of the internet has made it possible to do online courses. This may lead one to believe that education will now be conducted at home online rather than students having to go to school in the near future. That is just one advantage of the introduction of the web. Some believe that it has corrupted the youth as they have access to information that they might not have been able to get if there was no internet. The final decision then rests on each individual as to how they perceive the influence of the web.


Take for example, the way people used to research before the internet era. The only way to find information was through books. You had to go to the public library to get information. You had to be familiar with the decimal system that is used in public libraries. But now through the internet you can just go to Google or Wikipedia and find all the information you are looking for. The information that you find on these search engines is updated regularly to top it up. you are sure to get the latest information on whatever subject you are researching on.

Socializing and Communication

Back in the day, organizing parties was a hassle. You either had to put up posters or make phone calls. Organizing quick parties was even an impossible task. Nowadays all you have to do is get online on any social media platform and inform your friends. The introduction of cell phones have also helped improved the level of communication in ways that we cannot imagine. Previously, you had to call someone at home to get hold of them. If they are not home then it’s your loss. To get hold of someone is now as easy as 123 via cell phones. You can either call them or use any of the many social media platforms available online. You can easily talk with your favorite celebrities on them much easier.

Platforms like Facebook also allow people to create pages and groups where they can interact. It is a possibility to find a school having a page, group or even a website online where you can communicate and learn more on a certain school.


The only way to get the latest news before the World Wide Web was through radio, television and newspapers. The internet has made it possible to get the latest news as they happen. People now update news as they happen on places like Facebook and Twitter. By login in on these sites, you are able to know what’s happening around the world.

Whether you are for or against the notion that the internet has changed the world to be a better place or not, the changes that it has brought cannot be ignored.