Reunited with birth mother after being given up for adoption

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Reunited with birth mother after being given up for adoption

Adoption, a growing phenomenon throughout the world has given rise to question for some more than answers. Some start entertaining a feeling of rejection when they realize that they were adopted and some even go as far as harboring feelings of resentment towards their biological parents. Hannah’s story, though not different from the rest, brought about a refreshing take on the subject. Read on below and watch the video later as we show how this woman who was given up for adoption was reunited with birth mother after several years through Facebook.


It was through a closed adoption which took place in Des Miones Hospital in Iowa that Hannah was officially handed over to her adoptive parents. Now grown up and 20 odd years later this brave young adult set out to find her adoptive mom and sought the help of the internet to do so.


It wasn’t long before Hannah got a lead from a lady who claimed that she may have found her birth mom. After a few questions that Hannah requested the lady to ask her, it was confirmed that indeed her mother was found. What is most astonishing though is that of all the emotions that most adopted children go through when meeting their birth parents, all Hannah wanted was just to be with her mom and interact with her.


There is a lot that we can learn from Hannah, the first thing being that all that was done in the past is to be left in the past. The most important lesson though is that no matter where you are in the world, there is no bond stronger than that of a mother and child. This story inspires hope for those who are yet to be reunited with birth mother

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