Totally Free Background Check no Credit Card Needed

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Totally Free Background Check no Credit Card Needed

As we carry on with our lives, new people are introduced to us on a regular basis. It may be a new potential life partner, new neighbor, new employee, new business partner or a new roommate. All these people come into our lives with us knowing little to nothing about them. The question then becomes; how do we solve that? How do you close that gap and settle your unsettled mind about them without spending much? This guide is aimed at giving you the solution. A totally free background check no credit card needed is possible on the web.

A background check is a process whereby an individual runs a search on someone to determine the authenticity of the details they have on them. With a background check, you are able to know the truth about someone’s criminal record, education background, credit report, employment records, qualifications and so on.

Reasons for a Background Check

There are countless reasons that may compel an individual to lookup these details on someone. Individuals do background checks in order to make sure that the people they allow to be close to them are good people. A new neighbor or roommate might be a convicted sex offender, placing you and the community at risk. A potential partner might be married and be hiding it from you.

Businesses also run background checks for the safety of their businesses. A potential employee can lie about their qualifications and put the company at risk of losing business. You might find that an employee has a history of embezzlement and has applied for a position that will give them access to finances of the business. That would be risky. They might also be applying for a driver’s position in the company with a DUI history or suspended license.

Landlords need to run tenant screenings to ascertain if the tenant is responsible. Do they pay rent in time? Are they neat? Do they have a history of damaging property? All this can be verified with a background check.

All in all, a background check is run for safety purposes. Whether you run it as an individual, a company or as a landlord, the bottom line is to be safe.


Totally Free Background Check Online

There are numerous websites that can allow you to conduct a totally free background check without using a credit card. Below are examples of such sites that you try out.

Background Check on Social Media Sites

Quite a lot of people around the world are on one or more social media sites. In fact, more than half of the world’s population is affiliated to a social media site. More than 90 % of the United States population uses social media. This makes the possibility that the person you want to run a background on being on social media to be high.

People include a lot of details on themselves on social media platforms willingly. These details include photos, posts, location, date of birth, occupation, education history, friends, relatives, interests and more. This all rest on what type of information the individual decided to include on their profile.

Facebook is the leading social media platform in the United States with more than 70 % of the United States population using it. You consider starting from there. Searches are possible with a name, username/ nickname and email address on the platform.

Other social media platforms to take into consideration include Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn to name but some. Searches on these platforms are basically the same.

Background Checks on Public Records

Public records are another source for background checks. Public records are all records on the public that are recorded and maintained by the government on local and state level. These records are accessible to the public by law. They include vital records (birth, marriage, death, divorce records), criminal records, credit reports.

Many state governments have websites where you can access these records online. Take for example criminal records. You can access them from the States Departments of Corrections, the local police departments or the Sheriff’s Offices online, that is if they have them.

It is also possible to find them in person or through the mail. You can do so by locating these departments’ addresses and contacts from their websites.

Vital records can be accessed from the county clerk’s office where the event happened. You might need to provide details on yourself such as identification to obtain them.

Background Checks on Third Party Websites

A third party website like Background Checks can help you run a background check totally free. This is through its ability to also access information found on public records.


To conduct a background check:

  • Go to Background Checks
  • Enter the first and last name of the person you want to run a background on
  • Select the state you want to search from. If you are not familiar with the states, you can search from the entire USA.
  • After filling in the details, press ‘Start Searching’.
  • The site will then reveal all information it has on its database pertaining that person.

Another site that you can consider for a free background check is cocofinder. The site boost of an easy to use interface that you can count on.

These totally free background check no credit card needed options might be just what you need to find more information on the person of interest. Try them in order to find out.

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