Totally Free Criminal Background Check no Credit Card Needed

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Totally Free Criminal Background Check no Credit Card Needed

A background check is used to verify information on someone as to whether it is authentic or not. Some people may not be as truthful about their past life, thus leaving information that might have been crucial in the present moment. With a background check, all this can be revealed, avoiding situation that may have disastrous effects. This article will be looking at ways to a totally free criminal background check no credit card needed.

A background check can be defined as a process whereby an individual or company tries to verify information on someone as to whether they are who they say they are. Positions such as volunteering, employment or renting an apartment require a background check to be conducted to ascertain the suitability of the individual.

Background checks can also be performed on family, friends and a new relationship. This help people decide whether to pursue a relationship or not as a background check can reveal important details.

Criminal Background Check


A criminal background check is a process whereby a person or company verifies criminal records of someone. A criminal record is a collection of documents that state the number of times an individual has come across the Criminal Justice System. Criminal records will show how a person was arrested, their trial and its outcome.

Criminal records are considered public records in the United States as stated by the Freedom of Information Act and State Public Record Laws. The public can access these records from their custodian whenever the need arises.

The details found in a criminal record differ from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. This is because each state has its laws that govern creation and maintaining of these records which are determined by its criminal justice system.

Basic information found on criminal records include the following details:

  • Information on the person like name, aliases, and birthdate
  • The individual’s address and contact information
  • The individual’s mugshot & fingerprint
  • The person’s physical description, such as height, weight, eye and hair color, and race
  • Physical identifiers like tattoos, body marks, and piercings
  • Arrest records, arrest warrants, and other information on the arrest
  • Background details on the alleged or convicted crime
  • Trial details, such as conviction, sentencing, and parole/probation details
  • Inmate information, which includes the location and security of the detention facility, entry date, bail/bond information, and expected release date

Reasons for Performing a Criminal Background Check

As mentioned before, a number of reasons may prompt someone to perform a criminal background check.

An employer may need to run a criminal background check on a potential employee. However, employers are required to consider criminal records ny if they directly associate with the job that the potential employee is applying for.

Landlords run background checks on potential tenants. This is to avoid renting out to someone who might end up being a problem to you as a landlord. Some tenants might have a reputation of destroying property, not paying rent, stealing or convicted sex felons. This may not put only you in danger but everybody in the neighborhood.

Individuals may run a background check on family, friends or potential partners. This will prove quite helpful especially when you suspect something about someone. A background check will put your mind at ease.

How to Obtain Criminal Records

You can obtain criminal records from the custodians of such records. The custodians of criminal records vary from place to place. Quite a significant number of states in the United States have the state primary law enforcement agency as the one that maintains these records. There are also those who mix the criminal records searches with court records searches thus having the clerk of courts as the custodian of criminal records.


To obtain the criminal records from these sources, you can apply for the records in a number of ways. There are certain protocols that are set out by the custodian that you can use. Most of these custodian need that you request these records in person, through the mail or conduct a search online for the records.

Requesting these records online is the fastest way to go about it. The mail and in person route are rather slow. Third party independent people search sites are also an option. Free public criminal records can be accessed too, but the information found in them is limited or incomplete.

Third Party Websites

Third party websites are also another alternative to a criminal background check on someone. Searches on them need that you provide the name and location where you would like to search. The advantage with searching from third party websites is that, they have no geographical limitations. They are able to search from anywhere for results.

Criminal records background checks from these sites however, come at a price. There are sites that will need you pay for a search. Sites that you might try out include Truth Finder, Instant Checkmate, US Search, Pipl, Intelius, Been Verified to name but some.

These are some of the choices there is on a totally free criminal background check no credit card. Try these options and to see which one works for your situation.

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