Totally Free People Search Sites

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Totally Free People Search Sites

What are the top totally free people search sites online? Are there any completely free websites that provide search results and people search services?

Yes. There are many. If you’ve read guides like this one, you will have seen more free websites for people searching than we recommend. You can also see how to find someone free of charge using a name, phone number, social security number or any piece of information you may have.

Most of these search sites that claim to be free actually are not. So, do not be deceived by freebies. Many will ask you to pay for the results. Although these people finders offer a free service, the results may be costly. They will usually ask you to enter the query (e.g. They will ask you for your first and last names. Once you click the search button, they will redirect to a payment page. Worse, they may send you to another site as agents where they will take a cut of any money you pay.

What is the Best Free People Search Site?

To avoid all this run-around without actual results, you can start your search from search engines. These search engines offer not only a free search but also a completely free people search. There is no need to use a credit card and there is no cost for the report. These are basically free searches for people with no cost and free information.

This is the best way to locate a long-lost friend, family member or to investigate (e.g. You can run background checks on anyone for absolutely nothing.)

Here are some of our top recommended free websites for people searching that you can use to locate people.

White Pages People Search

If you’re looking for a 100%-free people finder solution, the best place to start is Free White Pages. These pages are one of the best ways to conduct a freepeoplesearch and most likely to lead you to the person you want. can be a great place to search for people, but there are many other options. Click the link to view a complete list of completely free white pages. They can be used to verify identity, conduct fraud screenings and perform background checks. It contains millions, if not even billions of contacts for individuals and businesses.

You can also do a free phone number lookup. You can search with a full name, city, and state and get basic results free of charge.

True People Search

TruePeopleSearch is a truly free search engine that provides free results online. You can search for phone numbers (landline), mobile phone numbers and previous addresses very quickly with no registration. Their results include current and past addresses, multiple phone numbers, and, where possible, maiden names.

It is possible to just be patient with the “human test”, which keeps looping even after you have run a few searches.

PeekYou Fast People Search

Peekyou provides a free people search service to help you locate friends, family, and old classmates. It’s essentially a public information search engine and people search. They claim to be the easiest and most cost-free online people searcher. It draws its information from free-to-access sources all over the internet.

These sources include blogs, news sources, homepages, and social media. You can search for the person by their first and last names, phone number, and state. Or you can use a username to do a reverse search.

ZabaSearch Free People & Public Information Search Engine

Zaba, which was founded in 2005, is one of the most trusted online people-finders. It’s a completely free website that helps you find people by name, address, and phone number. Zaba is a collection of public information. You can also use the reverse search tool to search for people by address or number in all 50 US states. The search service is free to use and does not require registration.

Zabasearch will allow you to find a person’s age, physical address, and phone number. You can find more information on Intelius. This is the parent company that will provide you with premium services. However, you will need to pay extra for it.

Thatsthem Free People Search Engine

This site allows you to search for your relatives and friends without having to register. It can be used to locate people, phone numbers, reverse email lookups, address and IP addresses. They provide free results that include name, address, and phone number. Additional information such as wealth score, travel, donor, green tech, and shopping score are also included.

They also offer a free custom people search service that allows you to contact them directly if they don’t have the person you need. They will not store your information in their databases.

Find People Search

FindPeopleSearch will let you search by name where you can add the state where the person is from and their approximate age.

If you have additional information, you can expand the form and add their email address, phone number, city, street, Zip, maiden name and date of birth. But if you don’t have all this info, you can just put in what you do have.

These are some of the totally free people search sites that you can use to find people online. As you’ve read, you can use any piece of information you may have at hand to begin your search.