Unpacking the hidden power of peer pressure

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Unpacking the hidden power of peer pressure

Peer pressure has always been cited as a reason why people end up doing things that they would rather have avoided. Truth be told, we all feel comfortable in doing something that we know a good number of people is doing too. It is even worse when these people are your friends. They cannot be wrong, right? They are your friends! You have by now grown attached to them.

The basic principle of friendship is doing things together.  The things you do with friends do vary according to the type of friendship you have. Some of our friends have only brought nothing but trouble in our lives. We only have sad stories to tell on the influence they had on us. Some people even prefer to not to have friends out of all the bad influences that come with the relationship.

Bad Influences

It is quite easy to do whatever a friend asked since it naturally comes with friendship. Hence many people have landed in trouble, worse, jail under the influence of friends. We all have stories to tell about decisions we had to make just because our friends say it’s ok. These are experiences like first taste of alcohol, drugs, smoking and more. This is normally referred to as peer pressure.  These later become habits that are hard to get rid of which cost money to maintain. The resulting situation is whereby you now have to satisfy the urge alone without the friends around.

There are however those friends who have managed to change our lives for the better, friends who have had a positive influence on our lives. These are people we owe a lot to.

Good Influences

There are situations where you find that a friend has been very helpful. There are instances whereby you feel like giving up and the world seems to have come to an end. In such situations, real friends do come through and make it all seem light. Real friends can influence a bad situation you might find yourself in and give you motivation to pull through. We all can testify to this or have seen it happen to someone. Such friends are for keeps.

So it all rests with what type of friends we have and decide to keep. From all of the experiences we had with them, we can safely say which category they fall under. No matter the problems that come with friendship, we all need friends in our lives.

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